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Enza Current transformers

Current transformer is used to step down the higher current in primary and protects the measuring instruments against high currents. Low Voltage Transformers are used for supply to measuring instruments & protection devices of electrical switchgear and control gears installation. They are suitable for system voltage 415/660V & Frequency 50/60 Hz. These Current Transformers are designed for a secondary current of 1A or 5A and the primary current ranging from 5A to 7500A depending on the application of the system load current.

Moulded Case Current Transformer (Horizontal, Vertical & split Core Type)

Model No Busbar size Primary current rating
ENP3 30X10 MM 40A TO 400A
ENPH3 40X10 MM 400A TO 600A
ENPJ3 60X10 MM 600A TO 1250A
ENPL2 1000A TO 1600A 80X10 MM 1000A TO 1600A
ENPM2 100X10 MM 2000A TO 3200A

Core Balance Current Transformer

Model No Inner diameter
ENCBP120 120 MM
ENCBP210 210 MM
ENCBP310 310 MM
ENLBT 400X400 400 MM
ENLBT 400X500 400 MM 400 MM
ENLBT 500X500 500 MM
ENLBT 500X600 500 MM
ENLBT 500X700 500 MM

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